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In September of 2003, Kris & Jim traveled to the

 Netherlands.  Originally, we were meeting Kris' parents

in Venlo to celebrate their  50th wedding Anniversary . . .

the trip was expanded to include some vacation time in







The view from our Hotel Eden on the Amstel River in the heart of Amsterdam was worthy of a Tourist Brochure cover. 


Walking is the only way to get around  - but watch out for the bicycles - they rule the roads, the sidewalks, the bike lanes, and just about everything else !!!  In America we are used to seeing vast parking garages at train stations . . . In Amsterdam the 5 story parking garage is for bicycles only - and it's jammed all the time . .


Every Morning, Jim takes on the challenge of finding CNN on the local cable system and then makes coffee . . . most travelers keep their room stocked with cocktail supplies . . . Jim brings along his own French press, custom ground coffee, and a supply of Kris' favorite creamer - sure makes getting up a whole lot easier.


The canals of Amsterdam are scenic and, in many areas, quite idyllic . . . and of course most of them will eventually lead you to the Red Light District - a place where cameras are frowned upon.


A visit to the Rembrandt House gave Kris the chance to actually sit in his studio and pose for this very un-tourist-like photo . . .


Our first dinner out was handled in the same manner we have grown accustomed to - walk until we find someplace that looks and smells good . . .  a system that rarely fails us.  We had read in many of the travel books that dining is treated as an 'event', not as a 'convenience'.  The words "Fast" and "Service" go together about as well as "McDonalds" and Healthy" . . . we learned quickly to sit back and relax - which is what the 'Nederlanders' recommend.








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