JKManos - Amsterdam







It was a dark and stormy night in the middle of December . .




Jim & Kris were showing signs of  the dreaded disease known as 'E.W.E.'  (pronounced eeeeeeeuuuuuuuuu)

~~ an acronym for Early Winter Eggsforbrainism. 


This disease can cause even the strongest to seek any escape possible from their scrambled thoughts . . . And so our hero & heroine donned their transporter helmets (see photo's above) and as quickly as you can suck down a balloon full of Helium and recite the lyrics to Alice's Restaurant, they found themselves in Mazatlan, Mexico . . . being stared at by bewildered beach vendors . . .


This is a glimpse of their adventure . . .



The sunsets were absolutely incredible . . .  and watching the beach vendors walk along the beach with their wares (or strange hats) was part of the ambience of the area. 


Kris enjoyed participating in the activities during 'Fiesta' - The Pueblo Bonito proved to be a most entertaining visit - even though Kris missed the seat playing "Musical Chairs".


One of our excursions took us by boat through the bay, past the shrimp fleet, around the tuna fleet (and the odiferous tuna processing plant) - ending up on Stone Island.  We were treated to an excellent luncheon along with a successful 'Sand-Dollar' hunt on a secluded beach.


Travelling the bay also allowed us the opportunity to visit with a number of pelicans who would rather ride than fly . .





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